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Welcome to the Stamina Quickstart. Supplements are just one part of a holistic approach to excellent health & wellness.

Below you can learn about the Stamina 7 and digest some content. Let us know if you have suggestions for future content.

The Stamina 7

The 7 components necessary for excellent overall health & wellness are:

— Nutrition

— Hydration

— Exercise

— Sunlight

— Sleep

— Community

— Mindfulness

Just like our orange logo's 7 slices, the components of the Stamina 7 come together in you to form a whole, complete, and healthy body & mind.

To learn how to begin with the Stamina 7 — including 1 simple action you can take today in each of the 7 areas to improve your health & wellness — join the Stam Fam.

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Dr. Elizabeth Adriano discusses women's health topics such as reproductive concerns, PMS, hormones, nutrition, chronic pelvic pain, vaginal health, preventive care tips, and more.